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Personal Care & Daily Living

Cram offers assistance with personal care, such as grooming, hygiene and taking your medications, as well as daily life tasks such as preparing meals and household duties. The focus is on assisting people to live their own life and to learn new skills so they gain or maintain their independence.

Support extends to daily living activities such as communication, mobility, transport, shopping and purchasing tasks as well as assistance to attend medical and other appointments. Cram can support you to get out into the community, gain employment and maintain close relationships with family and friends.

Assistance and training to help manage behaviours of concern through positive behaviour support strategies is offered, where required.

Transport training to gain new skills, confidence and independence in using public transport facilities can be supported as can access to specialised disability transportation.

All support workers are well trained to assist you with your personal care and daily tasks in a way that meets your needs and preferences. Staff are supported through supervision and mentoring to ensure your needs are met.

We support people to be actively involved in developing their lifestyle plans and to maintain a leading role in decision making as to the type of personal care and daily living activities they choose.