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Q. Why should I select Cram to provide my supports?

Cram has extensive experience in supporting people with disabilities and our focus is on high needs support. We have been operating since 1932 and with this brings experience and stability as well as a commitment to our clients.

Q. What type of disability does Cram support?

People who have a physical, acquired brain injury (ABI) or intellectual disability whose support needs and health conditions are complex and require personal care and support to manage multiple health care needs.

Q. Can Cram provide support to me in my family home?

Yes, we can provide support to you in your family home or in the community within the Illawarra region.

Q. How can I find a house to live in and have Cram support me?

Finding a place to live when you require 24 hour a day support can be very difficult. From time to time a vacancy becomes available and like all shared living arrangements, compatibility between housemates is important and Cram will consider this when offering accommodation. Cram is working with property developers to build specialist disability housing and if you are interested in living in a shared supported arrangement, like a group home, then contact Cram and register your interest.

Q. I need wheelchair accessible transportation, can Cram help me?

Cram has a fleet of wheelchair accessible buses and small vehicles that are fully equipped to transport a person in a wheelchair or with limited mobility.

Q. I want to go on a holiday, can Cram help me?

Cram can help make the holiday bookings and provide staff to support you on your holiday. Where possible, we may be able to provide transportation for the holiday.

Q. Is Cram registered with NDIS?

Cram is registered with NDIS in the areas of Supported Independent Living (group homes); Assistance with daily personal activities; Social and Community Participation; Transportation; Nursing and Coordination of Supports.

Q. Can Cram manage my personal finances on my behalf?

Cram can manage your personal finances such as your payment of bills, account management and monitoring of government payments. We are not however a fund holder for your NDIS package.