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Housing & Supported Living

Cram can assist you to identify a suitable accommodation service with the level of supports that you require to live the life that you want and to maintain your well-being. We support people to live as independently as possible, either in their own family home or in a shared living arrangement with supports that are tailored to their needs and preferences.

Cram offers housing, accommodation and support options for people with a disability who have high and complex support needs, from a range of backgrounds and ages and who require a high level of around the clock support and care. Our shared living homes are located across the Illawarra area in locations that provide good access to the communities around them.

Our homes are designed and built to suit the needs of people with a disability who require long-term supports. Each home is different and reflects the unique personality of each person living there.

At Cram, we listen to what you are looking for in a home and provide information and support to help you choose the right services and supports that are suited to your needs and preferences.  If you choose to live in a shared living arrangement it is important that you consider who you want to share your home with and that there is compatibility between residents. Cram can assist you with this.

Cram currently provides support in homes shared by three or more people who share the support provided by skilled staff. Each person receives the supports they need with most or all aspects of daily living including: personal care, communication, mobility, shopping, and other lifestyle assistance. Support provided by Cram is focused on assisting people to learn new skills and to enable them to gain or maintain their independence.

Each person has their own bedroom that is decorated as they choose and set up to meet their needs, such as if they require a bed hoist or specialised bedding. Residents are encouraged and supported to participate in the running of their home and Cram can assist residents in dealing with the landlord and associated house related activities.

People living in shared housing are encouraged and supported to access their community, to partake in employment or day services and maintain close relationships with family and friends and to participate in a wide range of recreational activities.

People are supported to attend medical and other important appointments individual to the person’s needs.