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Health Care

Cram has expertise in providing quality disability health care and support for people with complex care needs and who face health challenges as a result of a physical, intellectual disability or acquired brain injury (ABI). Clients are supported by staff trained in a range of disability specific health care protocols and who can help you identify when you need to be seen by a health professional such as a doctor, podiatrist or occupational therapist.

Cram has a dedicated team of nursing professionals who are passionate about keeping people healthy and active at all stages of life. Cram’s Health Services team provides nursing support services for children and adults with disability so they can enjoy the highest possible quality of life, especially in the areas of health and well-being, participation, independence, decision making and inclusion.

Registered Nurses with expertise in disability will oversee your health care requirements. Whether you are fed via gastrostomy tube, have epileptic seizures, require respiratory intervention, have a diabetic condition or require a diverse range of medications.

The team works closely with medical and allied health professionals as well as local community health services.

The nursing team reviews strengths, needs and goals on an ongoing basis and employs a broad range of strategies to achieve these goals. These may include:

  • In consultation with families and carers, developing plans with strategies to assist a person gain and maintain their independence, good health and wellbeing
  • Providing strategies and advice to strengthen a person’s ability to participate in a wide range of social, recreational and work related activities at home and in the community
  • Providing individualised health plans and guidelines to respond to a person’s needs in areas such as eating and drinking, postural care, wound management, hygiene, medication administration, seizure management and other individual health tasks.
  • Assist in the transition process for through life’s important moments and in times of change
  • Providing advice on specialised equipment and other aids
  • Nursing care and support for acute and ongoing health needs
  • Training in areas of health

Cram offers a nursing and health consultancy service to assist people with a disability or other support providers to implement health protocols and guidelines. Individuals may contract Cram to deliver nursing services as part of their NDIS package.